Michael Ignatieff's 'Isaiah Berlin: A Life' - new and revised edition published by Pushkin Press

On 25 May Pushkin Press published a new and revised edition of Michael Ignatieff's Isaiah Berlin: A Life, which was first published in 1998.

The publishing blurb to the original edition notes: 'Isaiah Berlin refused to write an autobiography, but he agreed to talk about himself - and so for 10 years, before Berlin's death in November 1997, he allowed Michael Ignatieff to interview him about his past, his ideas, his most intimate memories, and his inner conflicts'.  Ignatieff comments, on the occasion of the reissue: 'As I said then, and still believe, "In a dark century, he showed what a life of the mind should be: sceptical, ironical, dispassionate and free".'

Michael Ignatieff - Isaiah Berlin: A Life