IB at Headington House, 1971
Who was Isaiah Berlin?

Isaiah Berlin (1909–1997) was an Oxford philosopher and historian of ideas who made a key contribution to the development of political theory with his essay 'Two Concepts of Liberty' (1958). More famous still is his study on Tolstoy's view of history, The Hedgehog and the Fox (1953). Berlin was an original thinker whose writings on liberty and pluralism are a part of the intellectual bedrock of an open society.


'Isaiah Berlin was one of the great affirmers of our time, a man to be admired not only for his intellectual achievements but for his loyalty, his humour, his modesty, his delight in the world and the people in it. He was neither a temporizer nor a meliorist, yet all his thought was directed toward a humane estimation of life and its possibilities.'

John Banville, New York Review of Books , 19 December 2013

'The fox knows many things...'
Paraggi, 1972
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