In Search of Isaiah Berlin: A Literary Adventure

Isaiah Berlin's editor, Henry Hardy, goes in search of the man whose works he made it his life's mission to publish.

In November 2018 I. B. Tauris will publish Henry Hardy's In Search of Isaiah Berlin: A Literary Adventure, described by Berlin's biographer Michael Ignatieff as an 'extraordinary book [...] the story of a twenty-five year collaboration'. The relationship was not without tension: 'As [Hardy] describes his struggles with Berlin, who was almost on principle unwilling to have his work published, an intimate and revealing picture of the self-deprecating philosopher emerges' (from the publisher's website). The result is a unique portrait, drawn by one of the leading authorities on Berlin's life and works. Henry Hardy, who has edited or co-edited 18 books by Berlin, and a four-volume selection of his letters, is a Trustee of the Isaiah Berlin Literary Trust.